terms & conditions

Fee Entry Card:

  1. Fee Entry Card must be brought at the time of payment of fees. No coaching fee shall be received without the card.
  2. This Card should always be kept in safe custody of the candidate.
  3. In case of loss of this Card , a duplicate shall be issued on payment of Rs.25.


  1. The Coaching Fee is to be paid on any working day before the 10th day of each calender month.
  2. Late Fine @ Rs.2/- per day will be charged after the 10th of every month.
  3. All payments are taken only in Cash. Exact amount is to be paid.
  4. Failure of payment of Coaching Fee for consecutive two months will cause removal of the name of the candidate from the rolls. In that case, the candidate shall be readmitted only on payment of Re-admission Fee.
  5. Change in the batch of the candidate will charge extra Fee of Rs.200.

Classes & Workshops:

  1. Candidate may chose any alternative class timing in the beginning.
  2. Interested candidates may enroll themselves for both the class timings. Fees shall be charged accordingly.
  3. Workshops are compulsory. Minimum eligibility - 2 years training
  4. Students are advised to wear their uniforms during class timings.
  5. For any announcement , students are requested to check the Notice regularly.